Do The Right Thing

Rickie Gill
2 min readApr 6, 2021

Let the light of your soul shine…

The Soul by permission of artist Bob Nemer

As a Chicago native, moving to Minnesota was a culture shock. Lots of cold weather and blizzards, but I had real concerns about the quality of life. Over-thinker that I am, I was fearful the medical system wouldn’t meet my expectations; quality restaurants would not be available; residents would be indifferent; public services would be limited, etc.

It wasn’t too long after that my first epiphany came. It was a day I had tuned in to a local news channel. Just as I was about to flip the channel, a topic caught my eye. Having been involved in health services for many years and the mention of a new state healthcare insurance law caught my attention. A dozen reporters, microphones in hand, stood before a closed-door where the state committee was convening. The reporters felt that this meeting could go on for hours when to everyone’s surprise, the door opened after only ten minutes, and the committee stepped forward to say the decision was unanimous. No one In Minnesota would go without coverage, regardless of their health needs or income. The reporter asked how they arrived at this decision. The spokesperson said the decision was unanimous and based on the fact ‘It Was The Right Thing to Do.’ I was speechless, but it wouldn’t be the last time.

Fast forward twenty years through a multitude of international and government challenges, a recession, catastrophic weather, an election, personal upheaval, and now a move into today’s news of cultural differences based on political choices, religion, bullying, income level, ethnicity, skin color, sexual identity, ageism, disability and more. The list goes on.

Last week, it came full circle when someone posted a suggestion on our NextDoor blog in-between ‘food donation for families’ and the next garage sale dates. She titled it ‘Making Changes.’ It was a challenge to our community to extend a welcome to those of different ethnicity; dine in or order out from an ethnic restaurant; buy something from an ethnic store; engage with others of different abilities and cultures #weallwanttobeaccepted. Keep in mind Minnesota is an amicable state but giving more is never a loss. Let your soul step forward to greet others. You may amaze yourself.

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